In addition to soliciting testimonials from past clients, I have been using third party reviewers (Angie’s List and Yelp!) to assist me in assessing whether I’m doing a good job keeping valued customers happy. Read some of the testimonials below or follow the links to see what others are saying:


“I recommend David Humphrey highly and without hesitation. He has inspected four homes prior to purchase, as well as one after the fact. On every occasion, he found potentially expensive and pervasive problems, in three cases, that kept me from making a home purchase in Santa Barbara I would have regretted. On the fourth and final home, he advised that it was a good house and with some small “fixes” it has proven so. When the seller of my new home hired an incompetent repairman, Dave returned to reinspect the property, pointed out the poor workmanship, (in one case on something that could have caused a house fire). He made the repairs for me at my request, as I trusted him to do them correctly. Dave has integrity, is honest, very competent, observant and thorough. He doesn’t miss a thing! When representing either a buyer or seller, or when doing a follow-up inspection, he will find any and all problems, take photos, document them and suggest correct repairs. I recommend him with confidence and hope others will discover his skills, wisdom and admirable work ethic, as well as his well-written, comprehensive and cogent reviews. His reports will help any buyer or seller make an intelligent and informed decision.” Annie Kempe, Santa Barbara

Would absolutely recommend David. Great guy to work with. Did a very through job of inspecting my home before i purchased. His assessment of the house was very helpful in me making my decision. I wish more people in the home buying business were like David. He was timely and very responsive to emails and calls to boot!” Tom Olson, Santa Barbara