Homebuyer Consulting

Home Inspection Home Buyer Consulting

Before you make an offer on that new home you’re considering, you may choose to do what many of my past clients have done and that is hire me for a preliminary consultation. Maybe you’re unsure or have a few questions that only an expert can answer.

Home Inspection Home Buyer ConsultingHome Inspection Home Buyer Consulting: Because I am a certified home inspector who is also a licensed general building contractor, I can accompany you to the property and take a cursory look at things like drainage, foundation, structure, roofing and wiring and give you my professional opinion as to their general condition.

I can also look at items that may be in need of repair, discuss remodeling possibilities and provide ballpark estimates for the work.   While I’m there I will address any of your questions, comments or concerns all of which will assist you in making a well informed decision.

Because I am an objective third party professional, I have no interest in the outcome of your decision.   With Home Inspection Home Buyer Consulting my only goal is to empower you with good information so you will be prepared for any eventuality.   An added benefit of a pre-offer consultation is that it doesn’t cost as much nor take as long as a full blown home inspection yet it may provide you with the information needed to determine whether or not you wish to move forward.  If making an offer is your decision it may also assist you in the negotiation process.

It pays to have someone who has no interest in the transaction representing your best interests.   Scheduling a preliminary Home Inspection Home Buyer Consulting service from a certified home inspector who is also a licensed general building contractor is a smart move by any home buying consumer.